Wolfiez X Luna Pack

5,000 Wolves fighting for survival in the MetaVerse


At 25% sold 25 Luna Pack Wolves will be raffled off to holders ofthe pre sale / genesis wolves, and $5000 UST will be added to the war chest


At 50% sold, all active wolf pack members who hold 10,000 or more Wolfie coins will be airdropped an Incubator. This won't cost you anything, but if you want to breed more than once, you will have to buy each incubator there after with the Wolfie Coins (details in server) An apy % based “wage” will be introduced and paid to all verified holders of LunaPack and/or Genesis wolves. This will be paid out on a 2 weekly basis. The Exact figures of this will be released at the time. A further payment of $5000 UST will be added to the war chest


At 75% 25 more Luna Pack wolves will be raffled off to holders again, and a 3rd payment of $5000 UST will be added to the war chest


At 100% full sell out, everyone will get a “verified holder” airdropped NFT. These will all vary depending on rank. Genesis Wolf Holders will get a super cool, solid metal physical copy of their card, made to a high standard. Work will also continue on the gamified side of things, although by this stage, we are hoping to have the breeding grounds up and running

Mainland Wolves


Mountain Wolves


Fire Island Wolves


Ice Cave Wolves


Darkness Wolves


Hybrid Wolves


Game Update

More information about the game, which parts will come out and when. All TBA soon!

Beta Game Launch!

After the game is completed and ready for testing, a beta version will be released for genesis holders to test!

History Of The Packs

Story line release for a brief history of each pack!